Memorial Plaques

Over the years and generations your loved ones name have been inscribed in our Temple’s Memorial Plaques. We honor life, love and commitment to our synagogue.

As our Synagogue moves in to a new dawn, we ask for your help to continue the maintenance of these plaques for your loved ones. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints in order to continue our service of honor to you and your loved ones we must ask for a yearly donation of $ 126.00 per plaque. Families with more than three plaques  may consider donations at six times Chai or $ 108.00 per plaque.

For you donation HTBEL will ensure

  1. the inclusion of your loved one’s name in our Memorial Book for Yizkor prayers
  2. turning on Yahrzeit lights for your loved one
  3. turning on lights for your loved one at all Yizkor service
  4. any necessary repair and maintenance of your loved one plaque
  5. email or post reminders to you of the Yahrzeit loved one

We  thank you for your continued support of Hollywood Temple Beth El. We welcome and greatly appreciate your generosity, we ask anyone who is able to give beyond the measure stated here.


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