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Joe Alexander

On May 2, 2011, our own Joe Alexander was invited by Speaker of the California House, John Perez of the 46th District, to participate in the Holocaust Memorial Project 2011 held in the Assembly Chambers (Floor of the Assembly) in Sacramento during open session.

Other participants included Holocaust survivors invited by their assembly members from all over California.  Each survivor had been interviewed by a student for this project and the results edited for this final video entitled “Echos of Truth”.  This Holocaust Memorial Project was sponsored by Marty Block, 78th District and Bonnie Lowenthal, 54th District



Born June 15th 1920 in Odessa, Ukraine, Yakov Bogomolny served in the army from 1939 until 1946. He fought in the 101st. heavy power howitzer artillery brigade of the 13th Kiev artillery High Command Reserve Division. He took part in combat for the liberation of Orel, Belgorod, Kharkov, Kiev, Lvov, and Sandomir. He participated in the penetration of the German defenses on the territory of Brusilov-Popelnya Front and combat operations on the territory of Czechoslovakia (upper Silesia, Olomuts).

He was awarded an order of the second degree of the Patriotic War, two orders for the “Red Star”, and medals “For Valour” and “For Victory over Germany”

ЯКОВ Богомольный

Родился 15 июня 1920 в Одессе, Украина.

Яков служил в армии с 1939 до 1946 года. Он воевал в 101-м. тяжелая гаубица власти артиллерийской бригады 13-го артиллерийского Киев верховное командование резервной дивизии. Он принимал участие в борьбе за освобождение Орла, Белгорода, Харькова, Киева, Львова, и Сандомира. Он участвовал в проникновения немецкой обороны на территории Брусилов-Попельня фронта и боевых действий на территории Чехословакии (Верхняя Силезия, Olomuts).

Он был награжден орденом второй степени Отечественной войны, двумя орденами за “Красной Звезды”, медалями “За отвагу” и “За победу над Германией”

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