One thought on “Antiochus Takes the Witness Stand

  1. Join us for the Trial of the Century ( 2nd, before Zero)
    Antiochus Takes the Witness Stand
    Shabbat Chanukah. Saturday, Dec.16, 2017, Noon
    Chanukah Shabbat Service at 9:45 AM .

    You are summoned for jury duty!
    In a stunning turn of events, after a silence of over 2100 years, AntiochusEpiphanes will take the witness stand in his defense.
    Will he ask for a change of venue, away from the hostile Jerusalem jury?
    Will he call in expert testimony? Nebuchanezzar of neighboring Iraq or the Assads of his own Syria?
    Will the Quislings turn state’s evidence against him?
    Lead Prosecuting Attorney , Rabbi Norbert Weinberg, and a star studded list of four famous witnesses.
    You will be the jury. Failure to appear will result in a forfeiture of Kiddush Wine and Challah!

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