Is Eastern Europe now a better place for Jews than Western Europe? Issue to be addressed at lecture at Hollywood Temple Beth El


In light of the rise of anti-Semitism in western Europe, Dr. Vladimir Melamed, Director of Archive, Library and Collections, Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, will talk on “ Reflections on the Ukrainian Revolution and the role of Jews in modern Eastern Europe” at Hollywood Temple Beth El, 1317 N . Crescent Heights Blvd, in West Hollywood, on Saturday, January 31, following services, at 12:00 noon.
Rabbi Norbert Weinberg explains ,” Poland, Ukraine, Russia and the neighboring countries were the core of world Jewry at the beginning of the last century, until the Holocaust. The bulk of the murder of Jews took place in those very same regions and the question of local complicity is still a painful topic among survivors. Today, however, there is a renewal of Jewish life in those regions. In contrast, the Jews in France, the country that forced open the gates of Europe’s ghettos two centuries ago, live with increasing anti-Semitism and violence, as happened last week in Paris.”
Dr. Melamed, the author of numerous books and academic articles, will bring his scholarly background to this burning issue. He has a doctorate in modern history from the National Academy of the Sciences of Ukraine and was a post-doctoral Research Fellow at Harvard University.
The lecture and services, which begin at 9:30 AM, are open to the public at no charge, but advance reservation is appreciated. Please call 323-656-3150 or email:

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