Thank You!

Thank you!

The importance of our donors, contributors and volunteers is immeasurable.  Congregation Hollywood Temple Beth El thanks all who assisted and contributed in making Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur a moving experience all.  Your ever-increasing dedication and enthusiasm is truly an inspiration.


To the merchants, businesses and individuals who supported us with sponsorship:


Roger and Karla  Rosen  –  Floral Arrangement for High Holy Days and Financial supporters of Hollywood Temple Beth El

Jeffrey Nadel Law Offices  –  Donor of legal services to and Financial supporter of  Hollywood Temple HTBE

Ilan Douek –  President, InkJet.  Donor of office supplies

Michael Refua – Owner of Hollywood Hills Dry Cleaners.  Donor for dry cleaning of Tallits for High Holy Days323.874.9491

Hollywood Hills Dry Cleaners

1900 N Highland Ave  –  Corner Franklyn and Highland
Los Angeles, CA 90068   Neighborhood: Hollywood


HTBE urges you to support the business listed here as they have supported us.

Organizing Volunteers and Assistants

Service Participants

Karla Rosen

Pamela Jason

Esther Gierson

Mila Shektman

Rosa Shinder

Harvey Jason

Barbara Moorman

Lilian Kupferwasser

Asya Marder

Marcelo Kupferwasser

Anthony Ochoa

Victor Vallejo

Irma Smith

Armida Sanchez

Gustavo Hernandez

Barbara Moorman

Issac  Nikfar

Abraham Nikfar

Cantor Issac Boudai

Joe Alexander

Smon Bril

Martin Kohn

Jeffrey Nadel

Aubrey Morris

Barbara Drotow

Michael Sherman

Frances Linsk

Harvey Jason

Rachel Aflalo

Diane Powell

Gladys Lieberman

Reeva Sherman

Roger Rosen

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